Thomas Vikfors |

“When too much isn’t enough…”

That slogan could be the title of a James Bond movie. Or frankly it almost is.

TWOMUCH is founded in Helsinki, Finland and has offered high quality commercial-, documentary- and presentation videos since 2012. Besides the basic service of media production, TWOMUCH have a video drone for more speedy and exclusive shots.

The man behind the one-man company is Thomas Vikfors. I’m 28 years old and got my bachelor’s degree in Film and Television from the University of Applied Sciences Arcada in Helsinki in June 2015. I also studied documentary film for a year at Axxell in Helsinki.

I have skills in filming, photographing, drone-flying, grip, editing, directing, sound and web. I’m very social, passionated to develop new things and love to work. I have very high ambitions and always stick to the deadline.

And if you don’t believe in my slogan, then test me.